Who we are

Our mission is to accelerate deployment of sustainable solutions worldwide.

Galway Sustainable Capital (GSC) is a specialty finance company investing in businesses that hold the promise of a better future for all. We invest in companies, projects and assets that promote environmental and social resilience through locally-based solutions, ultimately building platforms that use resources more efficiently.

Bringing a solutions-oriented approach to our investments, we share with our partners an enthusiasm for accelerating energy transition and environmental sustainability as well as working toward economic inclusion and shared opportunity.

Our investments save energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase resilience and expand opportunity.

We’re making transformative investments that lead to real impact on the world around us.

How we invest

Sustainable solutions are right-sized and localized.

We work with experienced development partners and thoughtful business leaders to match the size of our investment to the scale of demand – from small equipment installations to larger greenfield projects, to providing socially responsible finance. Across our investments we seek alignment of interests and shared outcomes. We partner with teams who are leading a pathway of transition.

Key investment themes are distributed and renewable power, energy efficiency and green buildings, waste-to-product, sustainable agriculture, land and water usage and strategies to reduce, eliminate or sequester carbon dioxide. In addition, we invest in socially responsible credit products that help expand opportunity and equity.

We approach each partnership with deep passion and creativity and a desire to unearth the best and brightest ideas to see that they reach their full potential

Distributed + Renewable Power
Carbon Reduction + Sequestration
Waste to Product
Efficiency + Green Buildings
Ag, Land + Water
Responsible Finance


We invest with purpose – favoring smart projects that create economic resilience.

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